Best-laid plan, bar the « laid » part

This is my own little participation to January 2014’s “Downton Monthly Prompt”. 1600 words. It will just be a one-shot (well, most probably… but maybe I’ll feel inspired later and will come back to it, I don’t know…)

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Yes, Thomas, you can do that! Come on, take heart!

He had his hands on her waist, was looking straight into her eyes… Courage!

Her head was raised, tilted back, and she was gazing upwards at him… gazing expectantly at him…

He could do that.

And he did. He bent his head, lowered his lips aiming at hers… and finally touched them with his, closing both the distance and his eyes.

Yes, better not look, better not see anything. Things would be easier with his eyes shut. That way, he could deceive himself. Nearly as much as he was deceiving her. Lire la suite