Hibernian letters – Part 1: Prologue

imageFandom: Downton Abbey
Genre : General, Epistolary, Friendship,
Characters: Tom Branson, Original Character
Synopsis: Before he had Sybil as a confidant, had Branson anyone back home to confide in? And before he arrived at Downton? Let’s say that he had someone in his family who partly understood him and shared some of his concerns. This will lead to interesting exchange of letters through the years, and sometimes a few one-to-one conversations. Series of one-shots.

.Part 1 – Prologue

  1912, Ireland.

“Tom! Don’t leave your cousin stand here all by herself… Go and ask her for a dance!”

“But mummy–” said-Tom tried to drawlingly plead with his mother.

“No ‘but’, m’lad” a kind-faced woman in her late forties intervened between mother and son. “Your mum is right: young people are to enjoy themselves among themselves; Lire la suite